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Kentucky’s own Nappy Roots dropped in on Louisville and played a private benefit show hosted by Bryan Fox, DMD on Friday 10/29. Fox, former vocalist of End Of Me, and current solo country artist, hosted his second annual “Fox Bash” at his private residence; a show that benefits the better known charity Smile Train.

Nappy Roots delivered a down-home performance that was as ad-hoc’d as it was rehearsed, and sincere as it was random. Who would’ve thought that a grammy-nominated-platinum artist would just show up and perform on a tent-pitched driveway in the suburbs of Louisville? Well, they did. So now I don’t feel so damn bad about ditching the MMJ concert downtown tonight. Besides, this show was much more Kentucky anyway.

Here is some behind-the-scenes nappy camera phone footage…


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Holy sh*t, the Deftones can still write a pretty damn mean song after all these years! The best thing about this tune – and the Deftones as a band – is the utter simplicity of their music, as exemplified by this recent release titled “You’ve Seen The Butcher.”

Even though it was just released, this song (or is it just Deftones?) brings back fawned memories from the summer of 98′ in Richmond, Kentucky. Don’t ask. That’s classified information. I can tell you, but I’d have to kill you.

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See page 31 for Forecastle review

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Welcome to my new web home!
Hello Kentucky music fans! Yes I’m still alive and well and I’m currently planning a new strategy for my random rumors, rhetoric, and reviews about Kentucky and Louisville’s rock music scene! Please forward and save www.TheScuttlebuttHour.com

Bear with me for the moment while I finalize my new strategy and forge new relationships with new media channels. I also still have to obtain all my past interviews and stories I’ve written while at LMN. Once I get them, I’ll upload to this site.

Musicians! Publicists! Managers!
Have no fear, I welcome your submissions and mp3 files of your music on your artists. Please email me all press requests, mp3 files, etc. to:

Ciao for now!
Jason Ashcraft

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